Friday, December 8, 2017

Israel: Muslims silent on Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan/Yemen. Protest on mass regards relocation of US embassy to Jerusalem.

(World) These past 100 years have seen numerous atrocities carried out in the name of Islam. Be it the Armenian Genocide (Which can get you killed in Turkey if you mention it), The birth of Pakistan,  The birth of Bangladesh, The many wars in Yemen , lets not forget the numerous non state actions be it Black September in Jordan, Kashmir in India, Southern Thailand, The Philippines, the rise of the Taliban and the subsequent attack on 9/11 not once have I heard of a mass protest on the streets of any city in the world protesting about any of the above.. Currently there is huge conflict inside Syria, hundreds of thousands have been killed, yet can anybody here point to a protest by Muslims regards that killing field. However there have been numerous protests against bombing the idiots carrying out the killing, and its the same with Israel.

President Trump stated the other day he was going to relocate the US embassy inside Israel to Jerusalem and faster than you can utter Alalh ackba, the usual suspects are up in arms. For some strange reason they have targeted Israel and not the US.  (Lets be serious , that will no doubt happen) which is why Gaza has been lobbing missiles across the border into Israel these past couple of days. This evening they managed to strike the town of Sderot which at only 500 metres away from Gaza doesn't give systems such as Iron dome time to react.

To the Islamic world and the ethical latte drinkers Israel is at fault. Which kind of explains the silence from the likes of the EU on this matter (But they still tell me Israel is to blame)  because they are scared shitless of offending anybody who follows the religion of peace.

To that end can somebody please explain why Muslims can go ballistic over the relocation of an embassy, but remain silent on the deaths of millions of people.