Friday, June 2, 2017

US: Why do Muslims in the West go out of their way in which to offend?

(New York) How many times have you heard of Muslims and their supporters opine that in the US, Muslims can only be victims? Yes, there has been numerous incidents of Muslims been attacked (22 people killed since 9/11), just as there are many more incidents of non-Muslims been attacked. In fact, many more people have been attacked by Muslims in the US than the other way around. Just last year alone, 49 people were murdered by just 1 Islamic gunman, and many more injured in other attacks carried out by..Muslims.

Yet for all the cards on the table, which exposes this lie that for some strange reason only Muslims can be victims in the US, they don't half go out of their way in which to antagonise the very people they claim are oppressing them. Why, only last night a shed load of Muslims decided to sit down outside the Trump Tower in Manhattan in which to break their Ramadan Fast in which to send the message to New Yorkers and President Trump that Muslims are living under the jackboot of American oppression. Why, they even got that so called Islamic human rights expert Linda Sarsour to vent her spleen:
"We as Muslim Americans are here to stay. This country was founded and built on the backs of Muslims and black people. Islam is not a foreign entity to this United States.”

So hundreds of Muslims turn up outside the Trump residence and simply take over the street. They claim it's peaceful, but the underlying tone is that of intimidation, something Muslims do really well. Can you imagine the outcry from these so called victims living in America if somebody decided to host a gay party outside a mosque? How about if the National Rifle Association held a display outside Linda Sarsour's home? That quite rightly would be deemed as oppressive and intimidating. Yet when Muslims do likewise, that is deemed a peaceful message, especially when their target is the US President's family.

For a so called oppressed faith in the US, Muslims have the very same rights (not less) as everybody else. In fact, I'd say more. Yet they take every opportunity they can in which to go well out of their way in which to offend the very people they claim should be accepting them as equals.