Friday, June 9, 2017

UK: Muslim pressure group boasts it made all the difference at yesterday's British General Election

(London) Yesterday, the British people voted and the Conservative incumbents managed to scrape through with a reduced majority. The Socialist Labour Party, who have now lost 3 elections in a row, are claiming the so called moral victory. They campaigned on a policy of handing out freebies (University educations / Free school meals / cancelling all university debts/ etc.), but one policy was the recognition of Palestine and the adoption of polices which would treat Israel as a pariah state. Which isn't a surprise seeing as the Labour leader has openly supported the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda for years. Why, he is on record of calling the death of Osma Bin Laden a tragedy.

The Labour leader (white hair, centre) expressing his Islamist mindset

Anyway, that overt support for Islamic intolerance paid off yesterday when Muslims in the UK went out of their way in which to block vote for a Islamic terrorist loving, Jew hating Marxist leader. In fact the self proclaimed Muslim Council of Britain has openly congratulated its Islamic followers for voting for this Islamic appeaser.