Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Syria, 01/06/17

(Daraa) 15 members of the Syrian opposition were killed and others were wounded on Thursday in two bomb blasts on the road linking Kafr Shams and Aqrabah in northern Daraa.

(Al-Raqqah) ISIS decided to crucify a young man on a charge of “eating during Ramadan”. A family of 7 were killed during an airstrike on the road to a farm near Al-Raqqah city.

(Al-Raqqah) A man was killed in a landmine explosion planted by ISIS.

(Latakia province) A terrorist from one of the Islamic factions was killed and another one was injured after shelling by the regime forces after midnight yesterday in the area of Jabal Al-Turkman in the northern countryside of Latakia. Also, in Alma town, 3 terrorist thugs of al-Mohajereen and al-Ansar Brigade were killed when an IED they were dismantling exploded on the road of Eastern Al-Gharya.

(Damascus) Clashes between rebels and the Syrian regime forces, amid mutual artillery and rockets shelling, in the eastern Qlamun in the countryside of Damascus, saw 25 members of the government forces killed.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1,008.