Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Somalia, 08/06/17

(GarooweHeavily armed al-Shabab extremists have stormed a military base in Somalia's semiautonomous state of Puntland, killing close to 70 people and wounding dozens more. Residents said civilians, including women, were beheaded during the rampage.

Col. Hashi Ahmed, a senior military official, stated that reinforcement troops reached the area and drove the extremists out of the camp. He estimated that at least 100 fighters were involved in the attack. Al-Shabab claimed killing at least 61 soldiers in the attack. The SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist groups, said the extremist group issued the claim via its Shahada News Agency. Al-Shabab also said it seized a large amount of weapons and ammunition and more than a dozen military vehicles.

Ramadan death toll stands at 2,137.