Friday, June 9, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Roundup: 09/06/17

(Afghanistan) 15 members of ISIS have been killed during Afghan army operations in Nangarhar province.

(Cameroon) Vigilant policing by the armed forces on the Nigerian/Cameroon border saw 3 suicide idiots having to detonate themselves before they got into any close contact with their intended victims early this morning.

(Libya) Saiqa Special Forces commander Mahmoud Warfali has appeared in another execution video. In the undated video, four masked men stand behind four prisoners with pistols to their heads. Warfali says he and his men are honoured to kill these “terrorists” and to purify the world of their evil in “this holy month”. A number of videos have been released in recent weeks months showing Warfali apparently involved in the execution of prisoners, with the result that war crime accusations have been levelled at him.

(Libya) A member of the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council was injured and his wife and daughter shot and killed in Misrata after his car hit back of a car. In a fit of rage the owner of the latter vehicle got out and opened fire on them.

(Mali) Three United Nations peacekeepers have been killed in an attack outside their base in northern Mali, the UN said in a statement on Friday. All three soldiers killed on Thursday in Kidal were from Guinea. The Group to Support Islam and Muslims, a fusion of three Malian jihadist groups with previous Al-Qaeda links has admitted into carrying out the attack.

(Somalia) 14 people, including 10 civilians and four soldiers were killed during a violent clash when troops tried to snatch food aid from internally-displaced people in southwestern Baidoa city on Friday.

(India) 6 terrorists trying to sneak into India from Pakistan were intercepted and neutralised by the Indian army. This is the fifth attempt by Pakistani based terrorists in which to try and infiltrate into India these past 3 days leaving 12 terrorists dead.

(Gaza) Several hundred members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad decided it was a good day to throw stones at Israeli soldiers guarding the border. Soldiers on the Israeli side of the border opened fire after their calls to the Palestinians and warning shots were ignored, killing 1 and wounding four others.

Ramadan death toll stands at 2,495.