Monday, June 5, 2017

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq, 05/06/17

(Mosul) One special police force officer and four civilians were killed on Monday during battles against Islamic State militants in western Mosul.

(Diyala) A suicide bomber, wearing an explosive belt, tried to approach the eastern checkpoint of Balad Ruz District, but the checkpoint security members stopped him before blowing up himself at the checkpoint. Two security members were injured during the attack. Also Six unidentified bodies were found in al-Aitha area, northeast of Baqubah, while security members arrested five persons wanted on terrorism and criminal charges in different areas of the province.

(Baghdad) A mortar fell on a house in western Baghdad, killing a 10 year old child and left four other members the family wounded.

(Baaj) Iraqi paramilitary forces securing the Iraqi/Syrian border have recaptured nine more villages, resulting in more than 45 ISIS members been killed.

(Mosul) After Iraqi troops met stiff resistance in advancing into a western Mosul district, the decision was made to send in Iraqi Special forces, resulting in them breaking the deadlock and 21 ISIS deaths.

(Diyala ) The Peshmerga in a statement stated that a terrorist was killed after ISIS attacked one of their security patrols in the east of Diyala province.

(Mosul) Lt. Gen. Shaker Jawdat, said early Monday that his forces, backed by army warplanes, started attacking Islamic State militants’ defences south of the Old City, killing seven members before besieging Bab al-Jadid neighbourhood. Jawdat said his forces had also run into a prison run by Islamic State militants in the recaptured district of 17 Tamuz. He said forces found corpses of two men and a woman who had apparently been “brutally killed” before the prison was set to fire.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1,733.