Thursday, June 1, 2017

Germany: Turk who dragged his wife by the neck behind his car gets 14 years

(Hamelin) Last November, 39-year-old Nurettin B*****, a Turkish Kurd in the middle of an argument with his 28-year-old wife Kader K, decided to teach her an Islamic lesson. So, after stabbing her near the heart and hitting her over the head with an axe in which to get her attention, he tied a noose around her neck, tied the rope to the back of his car, and with their infant son in the back, he decided to drive around the German town of Hamelin at high speed. Thankfully, the rope broke but not before the car had travelled some distance. Leaving his wife in the middle of the road, Nurettin drove to the local police station and screamed at them “It was me, it was me”.

 Kader K in hospital
Kader K was rushed to hospital with a fractured skull, a serious stab wound, brain damage and in a coma. She was only released from hospital 6 weeks ago and will require medical treatment for the rest for her life. Her son also suffered severe psychiatric trauma witnessing this mother's ordeal. 'He constantly wakes in the night and yells 'mama, ouch, mama, ouch.'

Nurettin B*****  
Well, the misogynist Turk has been in court over the above and previous batterings which is actually sanctioned by the unholy Koran (which kind of explains why so many Islamic males get prosecuted for violence against women). Anyway, the Islamic wanker received a 14-year prison sentence and was made to pay £100,000 damages to his soon to be ex-wife.

Kader K now
Ah the wonders of the peaceful religion that is Islam.