Tuesday, June 6, 2017

France: Algerian jihadist shot after attacking police in Paris

(Paris) Police shot and wounded a man who attacked officers with a hammer outside the Notre Dame Cathedral yesterday and the Paris prosecutor’s office swiftly launched a counter-terrorism investigation. The man shouted “this is for Syria” before being shot in the thorax after he had threatened them with a hammer and refused to stop. One officer was hurt.

Armed police cordoned off the site, and the cathedral in central Paris that is visited by millions of tourists every year was locked down during the incident.

After the attacker was shot, he is said to have claimed to be a soldier of Islamic State. Just yesterday ISIS released a statement said to be from what it called its Commander of The Believers in France to the crossed (Christians) French people. It read: 'O' people of France, demand of your government to stop its campaign against the Islamic State, if not, we will conduct operations of invasion and horror as you have lived in the cities of Paris and Nice. 'May peace be upon those who follow the guided message. It comes just three days after Islamist militants killed seven people in London in a knife and van attack.

The attack caught on film: