Thursday, June 8, 2017

Abu Dhabi: Pedophile wore a burka to lure 11-year-old boy away to rape and murder him

(Abu Dhabi) A Pakistani immigrant who has been arrested in the rape and murder of a 11-year old boy in Abu Dhabi cross-dressed as a woman in which to kidnap the boy for his sexual gratification. After raping the child, the suspect strangled him with a rope . AC technicians, who went to the building’s rooftop to check a malfunctioning chiller, found his body there on Wednesday morning. The man was identified within 48 hours of the crime due to scientific evidence linking the boy’s murder to the suspect.

Major General Maktoum Al Sharifi, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Police, said the accused told police he cross-dressed as a woman because he knew that the boy would not go with a man without permission from his parents.

Ramadan death toll stands at 2,340.