Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Denmark: Somali jailed for bomb making

(Aarhus)  A 25 year old Somali citizen today received a 6 month prison sentence for building a bomb in his basement.

The man was arrested by armed police last October when a neighbour on investigating after hearing a door being kicked in on a residential street in the city of Aahus found a suspicious package he presumed could only be a bomb. Police sealed off and cleared the area. However a certain young Somali  refused to move from his apartment. So they lobbed a tear gas grenade into his flat and when he came out he was arrested.

The suspicious object was investigated, and police could see that it was a homemade bomb with detonators, containing 400 grams of explosives and pieces of metal. As the Somali had been arrested the Police had his fingerprints and DNA, which kind of helped them tie him with the bomb when his DNA and fingerprints were found on the IED. Anyway he had his day in court, and he was sent down for 6 months with a deportation order thrown in at the end of it.
Naturally the Somali bomb maker has appealed.