Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sweden: 20-year-old Muslim man jailed for 5 years for terrorist plot

(STOCKHOLM) Today in the Attunda District Court, north of Stockholm, 20-year-old teaching student Aydin Sevigin was jailed for 5 years over his plans to carry out a terrorist attack similar to the Boston Marathon attack in 2013 which saw 6 people killed and another 280 injured.

Sevign, who has openly stated he wanted to be a martyr, was arrested on February after his mother shopped him whilst he was in the process of building a bomb. Police found in his possession six bottles of aceton, duct tape, a mobile phone and bullets during a search of his home. A receipt for Christmas tree lights and surveillance footage showing him buying a pressure cooker from Ikea were also part of the case.

Sevigin in court with his lawyer (left) 
It transpires that Sevigin had tried to join ISIS in Syria on a couple of occasions, but both times he had been reported by his family and returned from Greece and Turkey back to Sweden. Maybe there lies the reason for his hatred for the country and why he wanted to kill as many Swedes as possible. As he is under 21, he received a lesser sentence.