Thursday, September 3, 2015

Like Goths at the Danube: Massive Muslim Migration Overwhelms Europe

Muslims have always been saying that infidels must stay out of "Muslim lands" and that they don't need no stinking freedom - they have Islam. Yet they suddenly flood from said "Muslim lands" into infidel Europe, begging for help and bleating about freedom. Funny that.

BTW, have you noticed that the absolute majority of these "refugees" are able-bodied young men in their 20's and 30's? The fuckers don't want to fight for their own countries.

Meanwhile, France and Germany sign their own death warrants and want other EU countries to do the same.
France, Germany to create permanent system in absorption of refugees

PARIS (Reuters) - France and Germany agreed on Thursday to propose a permanent and mandatory system to take in refugees and asylum seekers, especially Syrians, in the European Union, President Francois Hollande said.

"We have proposed, with German Chancellor (Angela) Merkel, a permanent and obligatory mechanism. I believe that today what exists is no longer enough and there are countries ... who do not assume their moral obligations so we will need to go further," Hollande said at a joint news conference Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.
But not everybody is willing to follow the suit, and, suddenly, Israel's much maligned border fence is a good thing:
European migrant crisis spurs Hungarian, Bulgarian interest in Israeli border barriers

(Reuters) Faced with a surge in migration from the Middle East and North Africa, two European countries are exploring the possibility of erecting towering steel security fences along parts of their borders, similar to Israel's barrier with Egypt.

Hungary and Bulgaria have made preliminary inquiries about buying the Israeli-designed fences, according to an Israeli business source who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the discussions.

Exit thought: