Monday, October 21, 2013

Why is the UK so good at importing bigots?

(Birmingham) On Monday the 29th of April this year, 82-year-old Mohammed Saleem was walking home from the mosque. He never made it home as he was stabbed to death. For months, the left, the liberals and the police pointed the finger of blame at the British (who, in their eyes, can only be racist bigots). The thing is, the police arrested a man after a failed bomb attack on a mosque, and guess what, the guilty party wasn't an Englishman or even British, nah, he was a Ukrainian student who had only been in the country a week.

Now, I am not saying that racism doesn't exist in the UK, but the fact remains that a very large number of people are attacked, raped and killed in the UK by imported people, and yet when somebody tries to point this salient fact out, all I hear is... the British (read English) are racists. Yeah, sure, they are, and the white couple who adopted me and took me into their family are racist bigots also. Meanwhile, the murderer of Mohammed Saleem, 25-year-old Pavlo Lapshyn, has explained the reason why he went on a murderous spree as soon as he arrived in the UK. He told police:
"I would like to increase racial conflict." When asked why he had targeted the mosque, he replied: "Because they are not white - and I am white."
F-ing prick. Add his bio to the rest of the imported arseholes who come to the UK in which to murder-death-kill.