Sunday, October 6, 2013

Suicide bomber detonates truck bomb inside school playground and murders 14 children

(Iraq) Another day of bloodshed in Iraq has seen around 78 people killed and over 166 wounded. While any death is one death too many for my liking , one incident out of the all the attacks today really caught my eye.

In the Northern Iraqi town of Tel Afar's a fucking relgious bigot drove a truck bomb into a kinder garden playground and detonated it while the children were at play killing 14 children and a teacher. Can somebody please explain why some idiot would (and did) carry out such a heinous act. I'm sorry all this crap about Islam being a religion of peace is just that, crap. Time and time again we are informed by the media that Islam is a religion of peace, I'm pretty sure that a large number of parents in Tel Afar don't subscribe to that notion.any more. Put me down as disgusted.