Monday, October 7, 2013

Killing fields of Islam

Well it was a busy weekend for the followers of the religion of peace:

(Cairo) In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood decided to gate crash the 40th celebrations of the Yom Kippur War (Which for some strange reason Egypt promotes as having won) However the authorities were having none of that and arrested over 200 MB members, they in turn were having none of that and decided to get angry. Problem was the Egyptian Army has bigger guns , which is why over 50 people were killed overnight.

(Nigeria) Boko Haram the Islamist terrorist outfit which is trying to murder its way to governing Nigeria under Sharia Law decided to pop down to the town of Damboa and kill a few people, which they started to do at 04.30hrs after killing 5 locals and burning down a few homes, they got the shock of their lives when they were met with deadly force by a army unit which just happened to be nearby, 15 dead terrorists later.

(Pakistan) For some strange reason Idiots decided to target medical staff carrying out Polio vaccinations with a bomb resulting in 2 dead medical staff and the policeman who was there to protect them.

(Yemen) Idiots who tried to kidnap a member of the German embassy while she was out shopping, left empty-handed but not before they killed her German security guard.