Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Palestinian Authority incapable of paying June salaries to employees"

RAMALLAH (JPost) – Palestinian Authority Finance Minister Nabil Kassis announced Tuesday that the PA is incapable of paying June salaries to its 160,000 employees on time, adding that payment will be delayed for several days to a few weeks.

In a press conference held in the governmental media center in Ramallah, Kassis explained the difficulties of the current financial crisis, saying that the PA is in a position that prevents it from fulfilling its financial commitments.
Well, gee, how did that happen?
The financial crisis started a few years ago as the donors cut their aid to the PA, but it is considered the biggest crisis in its history, with the potential of a total collapse of the PA.

“We are working according to a specific plan to cover the deficit by relying on the availability of Arab and international aid, and depending on revenues,” Kassis said.

Right... The good-for-nothing whiny bitches are always on the verge of a "total collapse". These leeches are the biggest drama queens in the world.