Thursday, September 5, 2019

UK: Two Afghans arrested on charges of conspiring to kidnap and murder female relative who left Islam.

(London) Afghans 53 year old Mohammed Patman, and 49 year old Darya Khan Safi, were not happy when a 25 female year old relative renounced Islam,  relocated to  Austria and married the man of her dreams who is a Slovakian citizen.

Mohammed Patman,(L) and Darya Khan Safi.
In fact so angry were they, they made numerous trips to Austria (over 700 miles) in which to carry out surveillance on their female relative who they could never forgive for leaving that wonderful religion of peace that is Islam.  Unfortunately for these two religious bigots, they were spotted and the Slovakian authorities tipped off the Uk police who in turn carried out their own surveillance on these two. This revealed that they intended to kidnap the young woman and kill her. After they blacked out the windows of their vehicle and fitted snow chains, the police realised that they were going over for the final time in which to carry out their god ordained murder and so were picked up by armed police in London.

The Slovakians have issued an extradition warrant and these two bigots will sent to be tried over there, which is better than getting tried in the Uk, as the British would have simply let them go.