Sunday, September 29, 2019

Germany: Palestinian receives a 10 year prison sentence on top of his previous 13 year one

(Augsberg) In 2017 24 year old Palestinian asylum seeker Haidar A tried to behead a fellow asylum seeker, he was found guilty that year and after he received a 13 year jail sentence he went ballistic in court, managing to grab a policeman’s gun with a wish to kill as many people as possible, Thankfully 7 policeman jumping on top of him stopped him from carrying out his wish.
In march this year he was in court regards the gun incident when it transpired he had issued death threats to the judge writing in a letter to cousins:
 that judge is a "whore" and the other judges are her "pimps." He also wrote in the letter that he wants to kill the judges.  Haidar also admitted in a letter that he sent to the court that he wanted to carry out a campaign of bloody revenge on Germans and Christians.
"I promise, if I get a pig from your worshipers of the cross in the hands, I will drink his blood. I'll spit  at you and your cross. "

Well due to his hostility, and the new charges to his case it was set back to last week, as you can guess, he wasn’t impressed with the Germans and commenced spitting at everybody and anybody. 

The judge demanded he be fitted with a spithood and during the next few days it was revealed to the court that Haidar whilst hating the germans, was supportive of ISIS with whom he trained with and refused to say anything bad about.

Anyway despite a last minute attempt at contrition he found the judge was having none of it and he picked up another 10 year prison sentence on top of his original 13 year one, meaning he won’t see the light of day until 2040.