Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mozambique: Islamist atatck on viillage sees 12 killed

(Mocimboa da Praia)  In the northern area of Mozambique bordering Tanzania. Islamist terrorists have been carrying out acts of terrorism (usually murder with decapitation) for no other reason other than they can for the past two years.

On Monday evening a bunch of religious bigots descended on the village of Mbau, found the youth of the village drinking alcohol, so they burnt down half the village and killed 10 people. Thankfully (if you can call it that) The police arrived on the scene and after a gunfight the Islamists escaped into the jungle. Earlier that day in a village, a couple of miles away two men working in the fields were murdered and their bodies were left with their heads removed. 

The Jihadist campaign in the region has seen around 300 people killed and resulted in tens of thousands of people leave the area.