Thursday, March 1, 2018

UK: Meanwhile in the Uk

(Brighton) Abubaker Deghayes is a so called pious muslim who sought sanctuary in the Uk with his family from Libya. Once he got his feet under the door, he proceeded to continue with his religious beliefs which saw him leave a pure Islamic country for a non-Islamic one. He took over the local mosque and transformed it into a jihadist one. His brother went to fight for the Taliban in Afghanistan and was locked up in Gitmo, 2 of his own children have died after they turned up inside Syria fighting for Allah. With a third taken into care in which to prevent him being brainwashed into carrying out unholy jihad. Last Dec he was in court for assaulting the mother of his children and that was followed by him in court on charges of intimidating a witness . This week he was in court for assaulting somebody at the mosque and yet after been found not guilty, he refused to stand for the court officials, claiming he only stands for god. Exactly what does this man have to do in which to be locked away. Yet to the media this man can only be a ...victim.

(Nottingham) Radio Dawn is a community radio station broadcasting to the Muslim community in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. It has been found guilty of glorifying the victories on the battlefield of figures from Islamic history and suggesting that similar violent acts committed against non-Muslim people would bring honour to Islam. For broadcasting such a hateful message the radio station has been fined…£2000. Wow, I suppose that makes things a lot better.

(Bradford) Last July Umar Faiz then aged 16 armed himself with an axe and along with two others armed with a shotgun decided to rob a store. They failed in doing so, and yesterday this prick was jailed for 5 years with one of his violent mates receiving 17 years. However, the third member of the gang has still to be identified and nobody has yet decided to increase prison sentences for those caught until they inform the authorities of their partners in crime.

(Manchester) 33 year old Iranian  Parisa Motei-Tehrani decided to deface Manchester city centre war memorial by writing her name and X factor 2108 on it. She was quickly caught , arrested and yesterday in court she claimed she didn't realise the significance of what she was writing on.” accepting her excuse she was given..100 hours unpaid work, which as we all know in the Uk is a bloody joke as nobody bothers attending.

(Huddersfield) 35 year old Farhat Fayyaz, decided to teach her neighbour a lesson for reporting her for dumping rubbish and waste (Which is the done thing in the third world) from their own home into the neighbours garden  First of all Fayyaz took the clothes from the victims washing line and threw them into another garden and then as the women went to pick up her washing, she was attacked with a piece of wood which had nails inserted into it.