Thursday, March 1, 2018

Afghanistan: Sends Female 2LT to Sandhurst for training.

(Kabul) The Afghan government is currently trying to broker a deal with the Taliban where they will be allowed to run for government if they should happen to give up their murderous ways.  The deal includes getting Taliban members off UN sanctions, issuing them with passports and freeing Taliban prisoners. The move looks set to capitalise on the rise of Islamic state  within Afghanistan which the Taliban appear to be fighting a losing war against.

However that said, the Government is still churning out soldiers in which to defend the country from the likes of the Taliban. That said since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the Afghan Government has improved the lot of women, across the board women can be found improving the lot of the country and the military is no exception.  

As of a year ago around 900 women were enrolled within the Afghan Army, far short of the goal of 5000. Yet progress is been made, last December 20 female officer cadets were enrolled at India's Officers Training Academy at Chennai and they will add around a fifth again to female officers within the Afghan Army when they commission.
On that note, Somaiya Haidari has been offered a position as the first female Afghan army graduate to be invited to Sandhurst, All the best to her.