Thursday, March 1, 2018

UK: The left now promoting the view that only the IRA can save the UK

(London)  This week, I've droned on about how polarised the left have become in the Uk, Some of you may think I have an axe to grind (despite the fact, that I am actually left of the political spectrum) But the sheer idiocy of the left has to be exposed for al to see. The latest brainwave from the left is from champagne socialist Polly Toynbee who writing for the Guardian Newspaper sees' Sinn Féin (The political wing of terrorist group the IRA) as the very people who can save the UK from leaving the EU. This after the European President yesterday demanded that Northern Ireland remains in the EU after the UK leaves so that the 1.8 million people living there , dont have to suffer a hard border (As in hello sir, can I see your passport) if they should visit the south of the Island. However in doing so, anything or anybody travelling to Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom would be liable to taxes as if they were visiting the EU proper. Get that, according to the EU the British would be penalised for trading with one of the countries that makes up the United Kingdom.

The IRA have the blood of thousands of people on their hands, they support Islamic terrorism, they support terrorism in Columbia  and to the left, they are the perfect people to deal with in which to try and overturn a vote regards the UKs position within Europe which they lost.