Thursday, March 1, 2018

Iran: Arrests 35 women for trying to enter a football match.

(Tehran)  I love listening to Islamic apologists who try to tell me that Islam affords more rights to women than anybody else . You know those idiots who try and tell you that covering up is a basic human right, but who remain silent on FGM, honour killings and womens rights.

Meanwhile in Iran, 35 women were arrested, (according to the mad mullahs held in a safe place) after they tried to enter a football match in protest in which to highlight the misogynist Islamic laws in place in Iran which prevent females from being in charge of their lives. The reason why this particular match was targeted was because the Fifa president (Body in charge of world football) was attending. However the message regards women rights in Iran appears to be spreading after a live broadcast was taken off the air when a journalist asked Iranian Sport Minister Masoud Soltanifar.
when women would be allowed to attend football matches, in response the sound was faded down, and the interview abruptly taken off the air.

Meanwhile in the west feminists fight for the right for women to cover up, whilst remaining silent on women in Iran (And elsewhere) who are arrested if they don't cover up.