Thursday, March 1, 2018

Afghanistan: Taliban reject Peace Proposal

(Kabul) I wrote yesterday about how the Afghan government had offered to bring the Taliban in from the cold and give them a say in the running of the country if they gave up the bullet in and the bomb.

Today the Taliban replied with a big 'No' 
“Our country has been occupied, which has led to an American-style supposed Afghan government being imposed upon us, and your view that we talk to them and accept their legitimacy is the same formula adopted by America to win the war,”
The choice of words is most interesting, in that by linking a government legitimately voted in by the people to the US,  the Taliban are saying that by association, the Government is people with apostates, and thus according to Islamic law, they can legally be killed.  Looking at the bigger picture there is a widely held belief inside Afghanistan, that the Taliban are supported by Pakistan, Iran and of late Russia For Pakistan, they simply want to prevent Afghanistan from falling into bed with India. Iran and Russia simply wish to make mischief for the US.