Thursday, March 1, 2018

US: F22 Raptor shows it is just as good as any Russian jet in a dog fight, if not better.

(Washington)  Whilst other countries love to brag about the quality of their military capabilities (Looks at Russia and Iran) The US tends to keeps its nose to the ground and lets its soldiers do the talking on the battlefield. One such example is how Russia loves to show off the dog fighting capabilities of its its jets, be it the Mig 29, Su27, Su30 or Su35 the Russians love to show off to the world how their aircraft can dance with the devil.

Whilst the crowds love to see a fantastic air display,the fact of the matter is the current heavyweight champion of the world regards killing other aircraft is the American F15 with a
102-0 kill ratio in second place is the F16 with a 76-1 kill ratio. The US when it start deploying the F22 stealth fighter wanted to know how it fared against the F15 and others, so they had a fly off and the F22 came out on top with a kill rate of 15-1 in a contest where the other side knew the F22 would be operating . A lot of people presumed that was down simply to the stealth coating of the F22 which allowed it to hit the opposition before they knew what was happening and that was the general view until this video came out of the F22 at play:
and to think Obama cut the number of F22s built, citing it would be years before anybody else fielded a stealth aircraft.