Tuesday, February 6, 2018

US: Woman refuses to cover up on World Hijab day, calls made to expel her from university for Ignorance.

(Orlando) The 1st of Feb every year is deemed World Hijab day, where stalls are set up across the Western World (Usually in learning establishments) where non- Muslims are allowed to cover-up in which to allow the faithful to proselyte about the wonders of Islam. Yes I know that Muslims claim that they are not allowed to do so, but they all do it. Why when children visit the local mosque they are taught how to pray, can you imagine the outcry if children had to do so in a Church, Chapel , Temple or even a Synagogue, yet when it’s a mosque, you are deemed a hater for speaking out

And so it is with World Hijab day at University of Central Florida where Kathy Zhu a student who refused to partake in covering up, was deemed Ignorant by Rayyan Sukkarieh  after she tweeted about the stall .
In fact so aggrieved was Rayyan Sukkarieh, she took to social media in which to demand Kathy Zhu be expelled from the University. 

Unfortunately for Lebanese student Sukkarieh, not only did the campus refuse to acknowledge her little bit of Islamic intimidation, the backlash from her peers since that initial tweet, has resulted in Sukkarieh changing her twitter username and set her account to private.

Isn't it great how religious bigots who love to play the victimcard are prepared to bully, intimidate and ostracise somebody for not doing as they they are told. It seems that Sukkarieh forgot she is no longer in Lebanon, but in the United States of America, where the rule of law, Trumps Shariah law.