Friday, February 2, 2018

UK: Man who drove into a crowd of Muslims gets 43 years sentence.

(London) Last year 48 year old Darren Osborne, became so angry after watching a BBC program about how the rape of over 1400 girls by Muslim was covered up by Rotherham Labour council, Police and social workers, he decided to do something about it. Hiring a Van he drove to London where he intended to mow down as many Muslims taking part in the annual Al-Quds March , where non-Muslims and Jews are vilified by peaceful followers of Islam.

Thankfully, the Police had blocked off all approaches to the centre of London and Osborrne was denied his 80 Piglets in hell for carrying out a vehicle attack on Islamic protesters, running out of options this bright spark, decided he would go hunting for socialist and leader of the labour party  Jeremy Corbyn, who openly supports Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezb-allah. For some strange reason he presumed that an old fucker like Corbyn would be hanging around the local mosque at midnight, and when he saw a crowd of Muslims crowding around  a man who had just suffered a heart attack, he struck, killing one and injuring many.

Well yesterday he was found guilty of murder most foul and today he was sent down for 43 years. Meaning that he will die locked up.

Now I have no issue with the jailing of the above thug, what I do have a problem with is how the entire British media have painted this picture that the British Non-Muslim  (96%) population are all rightwing Nazis. That something must be done to reverse this trend and that all Muslims live in fear.
Funny enough the facts state otherwise:
2017, 22 March:  Westminster attack – Khalid Masood, a 52-year-old British man, born in Kent as Adrian Elms, drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before crashing the vehicle into the Palace of Westminster's perimeter. He then entered the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, the meeting place of the Houses of Parliament, before being confronted by a police officer. Masood then fatally wounded the officer, which led to him being shot by armed police officers protecting the Palace. Four other people were killed in the attack, and 49 other people were injured.

2017, 22 May: Manchester Arena bombing – A large explosion caused by Salman Abedi, a British suicide attacker of Libyan descent with a bomb at the Manchester Arena, Manchester, killing 22 individuals and injuring 250 at the end of an Ariana Grande concert. This was the worst terrorist attack in Britain since the 7/7 London bombings in 2005. Many of the 22 victims were children or teenagers, the youngest being an eight-year-old girl.

2017, 3 June: London attack. Less than two weeks after the Manchester Arena bombing, a second terrorist attack occurred on British soil, this time in London. A total of eight people were killed and at least 48 injured, some critically. A white van drove at high speed across London Bridge, running into groups of people, then crashed. The occupants then ran to nearby Borough Market, where they stabbed more people.All three of the terrorists responsible were shot dead by police eight minutes after the incident was reported. All three were wearing imitation suicide bomb vests.

2017, 19 June: Finsbury Park Attack. Darren Osborne, a 47 year old British man drove a vehicle into Muslim worshippers close to a mosque in Finsbury Park, London.

2017, 15 September: A London tube train was targeted, witnesses reported a flash and bang 30 people were injured, mostly with flash burns and crush injuries, but there were no fatalities. 

Let me point out, that I am not excusing Osborne and his hateful attack, but the above facts show that more people died at the hands of Muslims in the Uk during 2017 than the otherway round, now quite rightly questions must be asked about why Osborne carried out his evil deed, yet that inward inspection is (And has been) denied when Muslims strike. in fact, if anybody dare ask a question, they are quickly character assassinated by the left as a racist bigot in which to close down any discussion. There lies the reason why people are turning to the right and with the media coverage of how all non Muslims living in the Uk must be racist, all they are doing is turning more people towards the far right.