Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pakistan: Sentences passed on Blasphemy killers.

(Mardan) Last year 23 year old Mashaal Khan, a student of Journalism and Mass Communication Department Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, was killed and around half a dozen others wounded by hundreds of charged students in the campus on April 13 2017 due to a rumour he was an Ahmadiyya Muslim and thus by breathing he had committed blasphemy. Khan was beaten, stripped and shot to death, and his body was mutilated by a mob comprising his classmates, students and university’s employees.

Well his killers had their day in court yesterday , with Imran Ali, who shot Mashal, being sentenced to death, it also awarded four years imprisonment to 25 other suspects and ordered to release 26 people, for being not guilty, who were accused of lynching Mashal Khan. 
So based on nothing more than a rumour, 1 person was murdered, another is going to get his neck stretched and 25 others are going to spend 4 years each in a shithole of a prison. Even those who got acquitted aren’t safe, as the Government has appealed their release and so they may have to face the courts again. Isn’t it great where the rule of rumour, intolerance  and Sharia take precedence over the rule of law and common sense.