Sunday, February 4, 2018

Germany: Locals protest immigration intolerence, Liberals hold counter protest, claim Muslims are victims

(Cottbus) Last month a 15 year old asylum seeker and his father were kicked out of a town by the mayor after the teen and 2 of his Syrian mates decided to spread a little Islamic cheer at the local shopping centre via the use of a knife after a middle age couple didn’t show them any respect by stepping aside in which to let them enter first. Then last week the city saw two knife attacks carried out by Syrians, which has seen the town ban any more new migrants.

This in turn has lead to the far right (And the local population) protesting about Immigration into Germany. Something they never asked for.

Well this hasn’t gone down with the do-gooders and yesterday they descended on the town of Cottbus in which to counter protest that Arabs are been scapegoated by right-wing nationalists whom they claim are stoking tensions in the city.

Silly me and I presumed it was the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers inside  Europe (never mind Germany) who have been sharing the finer points of their culture amongst the native population, you know things such as terrorism, rapes, murder  and anti-Semitism which have become virtually a daily occurrence since Mrs Merkel opened the doors of Germany and shouted “Come on in, the benefits are plenty”.  However as usual the usual suspects have no problem playing the victim card for a reaction to a whole truck load of intolerance that has been driven into Germany from the third world.