Sunday, February 4, 2018

Belgium: Man arrested for attempted car ramming attack on Jews

(Antwerp)  Police in Belgium arrested a man on Saturday after trying to ram an Orthodox man and a child on a street in Antwerp with his car. The incident was caught on camera when  the man and the child were walking to a synagogue  The footage shows a black car swerving sharply while speeding The car is then seen intersecting a bike path. The car then climbs the curb as the two alleged victims are walking toward it, prompting them to jump away from the curb and toward the safety of the building. The car swerves back wildly, returning to the road from its incursion into the sidewalk. 

The suspect identified as a foreign Muslim ,was tracked down via his license plate, who claimed he was only trying to scare the two. He is to be remanded in court Sunday.