Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Israel: Targets Hezb-allah tunnels with Operation Northern Shield.

(Jerusalem)  Acute concerns about how Hamas was  building attack tunnels into Israel, led to the IDF spending a lot of time and effort into developing ways to find them, Initial attempts have been most successful with the IDF neutralising many Hamas tunnels, forcing the so called peaceful government in Gaza to find new ways in which to  take the war to Israel. Which is why Hamas has been holding protests using children on the border fence for the past few months,

Well with the rise of the  Iranian threat on the northern and eastern borders of Israel , The IDF has decided to tackle the threat of Hezb-allah and its own attack tunnels. So yesterday Operation Northern Shield  was launched, The operation’s goal is to locate and destroy Hezb-allah terror tunnels that enter into northern Israel from Lebanon. They kicked off with the uncovering of a tunnel dug from a house on the other-side of the border fence

The IDF also revealed a couple of short short video clips explaining why and how they surprised a Hezb-allah mole (As in Wind in the willows) when he came to do a little more digging:

The Times of Israel is leading with that they believe the decision to expose the Hezb-allah attack tunnel is a precursor to a larger Israeli operation to remove the threat posed by the precision missiles being developed by the Lebanese terror group together with their Iranian sponsors.