Friday, November 23, 2018

Iran: 5 kidnapped soldiers flown home after being released by Pakistan

(Tehran) The Mad mullahs like nothing better than to make a huge song and dance over soldiers they have kidnapped. Its all propaganda and they are good at it,  Well now its Irans turn to be on the receiving end. (Mind you unlike western nations, the Iranian political and religious elites don't really give a jot about their people) For a while now Iran has been experiencing problems with locals on its eastern border with Pakistan. For some strange reason the Pakistani folks in the region love to attack Iranian soldiers inside Iran,

The worse incident being last July when 10 Iranians were killed, since then Iran bolstered up the border, telling Pakistan it was ready to invade, if it didn't sort it own out, but even with the increase of troops, the Iranians have still come off worse. Well last month  the shit really hit the fan when 14 Iranian troops were kidnapped and taken hostage, what made this even more embarrassing for the mad mullahs is that the troops belonged to the elite Revolutionary Guard . Well after a little behind the door dealing by the Pakistani government and the terrorists. 5 hostages have been released and today they flew home to a heros welcome.

Former captives wearing garlands