Wednesday, November 28, 2018

UK: Rape victim let down a second time by authorities.

(Rotherham) made all the headlines around the world when it was revealed that the authorities in the city (Police/social workers/ Child protection/ councillors)  had covered up the mass rapes of over 1400 young girls by Pakistani men for years because they didn't want to be seen as racist if they took action. What really shocked the country was how far the authorities went out of their way to cover up the peccadilloes of these gangs of Pakistani rapists (Who for some strange reason are still never referred to as paedophiles but rather as groomers) including going to court in which to try and prevent the Times from publishing the story.

The Government was brought in , the entire establishment in the town was replaced, including the forced removal of the the entire council after they refused to accept responsibility and refused to resign.  After that you would have presumed the council would have learnt its lesson but alas political correctness is woven into the DNA of social workers in the Uk Which is why one of the victims has gone public after social workers informed her that the man who raped her as a child will be granted access to the child he fathered. It appears in the UK, that the followers of a certain faith can get away with murder.