Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Venezuela: Authorities use machine gun fire to clear anti-government protesters off streets

(Caracas) After years of a socialist government which has squandered the wealth of the nation with the largest oil reserves in the world. The locals have taken to the streets in which to say enough is enough. For years they have had to put up with food, water, electricity, petrol, basic goods shortages simply due to the fact that awarding government contracts down to a contractor's political allegiance rather than good fiscal management can only be a recipe for disaster. On top of the above, they have had to put up with a clampdown on political and press freedoms, and yet Nicolas Maduro, the socialist President, instead of listening to the will of the people, continues to parrot the line that all of this is down to a foreign-backed plot against him, and that knocking out a new constitution will make things better.

Well, like all little red book carrying socialists, he has turned to his armed thugs in which to maintain his lofty position as Tzar for life, which kind of explains the 28 people killed this past week, as exemplified by this video of anti-government protesters getting shot at by somebody sporting a machine gun. (I wonder if it was one of the 400,000 AK-103s he has recently handed over to government loyalists in which to combat the protesters.)