Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tunisia: 2 Terrorists planning to murder,death,kill over Ramadan killed by Police.

(Tunis) It has never failed to amaze me how the followers of a so called 'Religion of Peace' (ROP™)

 are so bloody violent. What is even more amazing is how with so many Islamic (yes Islamic) terrorist groups around the world  doing their best in which to spoil everybody else's day, that liberals the world over, continue to parrot that peaceful POV.  Well if you have just landed on the Planet, the one thing you have to know is that the followers of the ROP™ like to murder,death kill on their holy days, which is why friday (The Islamic holyday) often sees a spike in terrorist related deaths. Then there's Ramadan , the so called Islamic holy month, (3 weeks time) where Muslims have to think nice thoughts, abstain from food, sex and are supposed to be nice to each other. Yet  as you can see from the sidebar to the right, caution gets thrown out of the window when it comes to killing somebody.

In the town of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, Police after a number of weeks of surveillance decided to knock on the doors of a couple of Islamic terrorist cells (One ISIS and the other Al Q) who were planning to do their very best in which to spoil the Ramadan holidays for a large number of people in country.
In the process, 2 terrorists were killed, 3 more arrested and the police have issued arrest warrants for a lot more. Of the 2 killed one was a commander with the ISIs and AQIM-linked group Okba Ibn Nafaa,  who blew himself up after he was hit The other terrorist  killed was also wearing an explosives belt, but was shot dead before he could detonate it.