Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pakistan: 10 construction workers shot dead for ...working

(Gwadar) China is currently building a huge port in Pakistan which it is going to use as the start point for a major artery into China bypassing the lengthy sea route which is currently used to sate Chinas huge appetite for hydrocarbons from the Middle East. The Port is virtually finished and has been signed over to China on a 43 year lease , for Beijing to do as it pleases. 

The second part (Costing $54 Billion) in which to link the port via road/rail and pipeline links to China is ongoing. The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor(As this is known) has been likened to the Marshal Aid plan which got Europe back on its feet after WW2 and yet for all the good this huge cash influx will do to the country, there are those who feel that murder, death kill is far better than being able to put a roof over the heads of your family and feed them.

Which is why gunmen on motorbikes yesterday decided to spray construction workers building the motorway just outside Gwadar yesterday killing 10. In the past 3 years. Terrorists trying to disrupt construction on the “economic corridor” have killed 44 workers since 2014, all of whom were Pakistani.