Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Israel: Rights groups complain about Police demonstration about how they fight terrorists

(Israel) During a police and rescue services community relations event held on Monday for hundreds of Israeli fifth-graders in the coastal Israeli city of Ramat HaSharon, Israeli police gave a demonstration on how they would take out an armed terrorist.

Well,whilst the children loved the show, a number of parents didn't. Paz Cohen, the head of the National Parents’ Association opined:
“Children are not supposed to be exposed to showcases of killing and terror,”
One parent expressed their shock at the demonstration:
"Has someone there lost his mind? It's simply stupidity for its own sake, this demonstration of fire. Can't you bring a traffic cop to demonstrate how he gives a ticket to an offender?”
I suppose, these same people are also the same ones who allow their children to see a lot worse on film night. The same ones who have nothing good to say about the police, until the police are actually needed that is.