Friday, May 12, 2017

Indonesia: Islamists target ethnic Chinese wealth

(JAKARTA) Days after Islamic Intolerance saw the Indonesians capital's former governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, (Aka Ahok) an ethnic-Chinese Christian jailed on trumped up charges of blasphemy.  The leader of the powerful Indonesian Islamist organisation that led the push to jail him has laid out plans for a new, racially charged campaign targeting economic inequality and foreign investment. Yup Saudi-trained cleric, Bachtiar Nasir has said that the wealth of Indonesia's ethnic Chinese minority is a problem and advocates an affirmative action programme for native Indonesians.

The irony here is former Indonesian President Suharto blocked Chinese Indonesians from many public posts and denied them cultural expression, forcing them to drop their Chinese names. Marginalised politically and socially, many turned to business and became wealthy and now they have made something of their lives, the Islamic bigots continue to play the them and us card.

It appears that even when Muslims are the majority in a country, they can only be the victims of non-Muslims.  The decision to jail Ahok has raised worries that moderate Islam in the world’s largest Muslim country is being eroded while hardliners grow in strength . Funny enough 3 of the 5 Islamic judges who presided on the Purnama blasphemy case, were promoted 1 day after the sentence was passed.