Monday, May 8, 2017

Egypt: Security forces take out 8 Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and a convoy of arms smuggling vehicles

(Cairo) Egyptian security forces have killed eight terrorists they had identified as members of the Muslim Brotherhood in a shootout in the country’s south, the interior ministry said on Monday. An issued government statement stated that of those killed included Helmi Saad Masri, whom it described as a prominent Brotherhood leader. The exact location of the shootout wasn’t identified but said police came under heavy gunfire while trying to approach the group and had to respond with force.

Elsewhere a convoy of 15 vehicles loaded with smuggled weapons, trying to sneak into Egypt from its restive neighbour Libya this past 48 hours was taken out by the Egyptian air force. A video released by the military showed jets and helicopter gunships attacking targets in the desert. The military did not say who was driving the vehicles or give details of any casualties.