Wednesday, June 1, 2016

UK: Muslims in Rotherham demand that silent march through city by Pegida banned

(UK) The anti-Muslim protest group Pegida has applied for the right to march (silently) through the city of Rotherham this Saturday. However, this has been contested by Islamic groups (British Muslim Youth, the Rotherham Muslim Community Forum and the Rotherham Council of Mosques) who have opined to South Yorkshire Police interim chief constable Dave Jones, calling for the demonstration to be stopped. A joint letter says that following repeated demonstrations by groups such as the EDL and Britain First, as well as the racist murder of Muslim pensioner Mushin Ahmed, there are exceptional circumstances which justify special powers being used to ban the protest.

Pegida representatives say the event ‘will be a peaceful, no-alcohol, silent march of protest’ about ‘the continuing sexual abuse by predatory gangs of Muslim men across England’.

The letter calling for the protest to be banned said groups such as Pegida are coming to the town ‘to spread their racism, hate and bigotry’ instead of helping abuse victims.

Anybody else find it a little rich that these Muslim group who talk about anti-Muslim groups spreading racism, hate and bigotry never seem to see such attribute when Islamic groups protest against Israel, the UK, the US, British laws? I mean for such a small, insular community, why didn’t they speak out about child rapists within their midst? To that end, can anybody here inform me what these Muslims have done to help the 1500+ young white girls (and I am a brown skinned person with a Muslim name pointing this out) who were raped by their fellow Muslims in the city of Rotherham alone?

As ugly as I find the likes of the BNP, NF, EDL and other white right groups in the UK, they have just as much right to protest on the streets of the UK as Islamic groups who like to burn the UK/US and Israeli flags (which they do on a regular basis). If these Muslim groups want the Pegida march banned, would they agree to future Islamic demonstrations being banned?