Friday, June 10, 2016

UK: Eddie Izzard told to shut up by TV audience for acting like a... Screaming Queen

(UK) The bBC used to be known for the quality of it programs. However, since the ethical latte drinkers took control, all things alien to common sense
  • defending Islamic terrorism
  • defending economic refugees
  • attacking Christianity
  • attacking the British
have become the sole purpose of the bBC. One of its so called flagship programs is called 'Question Time' where a panel of politicians answer questions thrown at them from the audience. However, under bBC guidelinesm they have started swapping elected representatives of the people for left-wing comedians, Islamic supremacists and just f-ing looney tunes. Their sole message is hatred of anything British, male and, by default, white (the UK is still over 80% white, and I have a brown skin).

Last night, the show came from Folkstone and the bBC decided to have on their so called flagship show a cross dressing comedian. Which is why when this chick with dick had a hissy fit in which to try and emulate a real woman (sorry, Eddie, but acting like a cunt doesn't mean you have one), even the audience had had enough and told him to shut up.