Saturday, June 11, 2016

UK: 4 Syrian refugees in court on charges of sexual assault

(Newcastle) 4 Syrian refugees: 18-year-old Omar Badreddin, 20-year-old Mohammed Alfrouh, and 18-year-old Mohammad Allakkoud, along with a 16-year-old boy were all in court yesterday on charges of sexual assault against 2 14-year-old girls. Omar only arrived in the UK in November as part of the UN Syrian relocation scheme and, like his religious kin in Sweden and Germany, has decided that raping non-Islamic children is the thing to do.

What is it with these people and their fondness for little white girls? Mind you, got to love the bBC headline on this story:

Three Syrian men deny sex assault in Newcastle

 They then end with this little sop story:
The BBC's Newsnight has been following the progress of Syrian refugees and reporter John Sweeney says that although the case is at an early stage, police are concerned that the charges could raise tensions between locals and Syrian refugees in Newcastle.
Why does the liberal world always feel sorry for the people who carry out evil acts instead of the victims here?