Friday, June 3, 2016

Irish TV station rejects Islamic request to air Ramadan call to prayer on national TV

(Dublin) The main TV network in Eire (Ireland) has refused a request by an Islamic scholar to air the Islamic call to prayer on a daily basis for 30 days as of next Monday.

During Ramadan, Muslims rise daily at before sunrise in Mecca (about 2.30am in the British Isles) for the Suhur meal. Their next meal, Iftar, takes place at about 10pm. However, the times vary on a daily basis. In the Islamic world Muslims are made aware of all the above by a call to prayer, or some idiot walking down the street banging a drum in which to make sure you get the message.

Feeling that the faithful in Eire would not get the message to get up on time, Muslims in Dublin requested that the mainly Catholic nation allows them to send their message of obedience across the airwaves to ensure that the approximately 50,000 Muslims living in Ireland get to piss off everybody else. (Not the first time in Ireland.)

However, RTÉ has turned down the request saying that it could not be done because TV schedules were fixed, but the end of Ramadan was not.

Expressing disappointment at the decision by RTÉ, Dr Selim (the main spokesman for the Clonskeagh mosque in Dublin) said:
“In Muslim countries the commencement of the period of fasting and its end is marked with a prayer call chanted through loud speakers placed on the top of the minarets. It is also aired through radio and TV channels.”