Thursday, June 9, 2016

Denmark:Terrorist stripped of Citizenship

(Copenhagen)   Said Mansour, is a convicted terrorist know inside Denmark as the Bookseller from Brønshøj’ Arriving in the country in 1983 from Morroco, he gained Danish Citizenship in 1988, but kept onto his Moroccan passport.

 Said Mansour 
In 2007, Mansour became the first person in Danish history to be convicted of inciting terrorism. He served 3.5 years in prison on the previous conviction but was able to keep his citizenship.  

Since his stint inside, The 56-year-old Danish-Moroccan was convicted for posting online threats, screeds, photos, links and messages that praise Osama bin Laden and called on his readers to join al-Qaeda’s al-Nusra front. He has also posted videos of soldiers being executed in Syria and Iraq. Which is why last July he was sentenced to 4 years back inside -Where apparently he has become well known for hanging outside gyms, shower blocks and for his penchant for dropping bars of soap, whilst naked  and then bending down to recover them. – followed by the removal of his Danish citizenship followed by his removal to his mother country of Morocco.

Well like any good Terrorist living in Europe this dick can only be a victim, and he appealed the above citing that if returned to the wonderful paradise of an Islamic country-Which no-doubt he has a habit of visiting- that he will be killed. (Anybody care to explain to me how these people who are willing to die for their religious cause are terrified of dying in a pure Islamic country?) What, this means of course is that he will be allowed to remain on release from the clink due to the scheme known as tålt ophold, or ‘tolerated stay’, in which foreigners are allowed to remain in the country due to dangerous conditions or threats to their safety in their homelands.

Aren't Europeans the biggest mugs.