Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Austria: Man(43) jailed for stabbing Girlfriend to death over Sex Video.

(Vienna) A 43 year old man has been jailed for 20 years by a court in Austria, after he stabbed his girlfriend to death. It seems that his partner was scared he was going to leave her, so she filmed him giving her one up the rear, which apparently is forbidden under Islam and threatened to send it to his friends and family. Well the film got distributed and  as a true Muslim, he had to get his honour back. The thing is, he claimed it was an accident, he claims that so upset was he of himself, that he actually tried to kill himself,, but his girlfriend was so concerned, she tried to stop him and during the struggle she just happened to stab herself twice in the neck. Thankfully the court was having none of this and for the next 20 years, this murderer who was so ashamed of anal sex will be doing just that as somebodies bitch.