Sunday, March 27, 2016

How many times have you heard the lie that we (The US and UK) armed Saddam and ISIS

(ME) How many times have you sat down and heard some limp wristed ethical latte drinker opine that we (read that as the US and UK) armed Saddam , the idiots Assad fighting and now ISIS. Really? If anybody knows different please be so kind as to name the vast hoards of arms and weapons that bear the stamp made in the US/UK as used by the Saddam Armed forces, the so called good terrorists inside Syria and now ISIS. No seriously please do. (But if you do, I want hard facts and not something uttered by your mullah as he unzipped a little something for you to suck on, well you will swallow anything)

Well to take the above subject a stage further, the nice people at Oryx blog (Who have done a fantastic job of reporting of what is happening inside Syria) have knocked out a little spread on the vast amounts of ......Russian made arms and ammunition  stocked piled by the Assad Government which have been requestioned by those who utter 'Allah Ackba' when they murder somebody.  In this case ISIS when they captured the strategic Ayyash weapons depot.(NW from the city of  Deir Ez Zor ) Which ISIS reported to the world with this little social media message in January of this year

So exactly what did ISIS acquire on the banks of the Euphrates, nobody knows as the weapons depot was well overstocked so far ISIS have reported the following:
- 1,348,300 to 1,791,960 rounds of 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R ammunition.
- 17,140 rounds of 12.7mm ammunition.
- 158,996 rounds of 14.5mm ammunition.
- 119,768 rounds of 20mm ammunition.
- 450 rounds of 23mm ammunition.
- 223 rounds of 73mm ammunition.
- 72 rounds of 82mm ammunition.
- 2000 rounds of 85mm ammunition.
- 6 rounds of 107mm ammunition.
- 4 rounds of 120mm ammunition.
- 165 rounds of 120mm RAP ammunition.
- 576 rounds of 122mm ammunition.
- 1120 fuses for 122mm artillery rounds.
- 7 PG-2 rocket-propelled grenades.
- 1 PG-7VL rocket-propelled grenade.
- 1 TBG-7V rocket-propelled grenade.
- 1 OG-7V rocket-propelled grenade.
- 2 PG-29V rocket-propelled grenades.
- 2 M-57 rocket-propelled grenades.
- 9025 grenades.
- 36 rifle grenades.
- 98 9M14M Malyutka ATGMs.
- 1 9M113M Konkurs ATGMs.

- 7 3M9 surface-to-air missiles.
1 T-55(A)MV.
- 2 T-55As.
- 5 BMP-1s.
- 1 23mm ZSU-23.
- 1 BRDM-2.
- 3 2P25 TELs.
- 1 SURN 1S19 radar.
- 6 ZiL-131s.
- 2 GAZ-3308s.
- 2 GAZ-66s.
- 2 Ural-375Ds.
- 1 KamAZ-53212.
- 1 MAZ-5336
- 1 Tatra 815.
- 1 GAZ Sobol.
- 1 UAZ-469.
- 2 excavators.

Words mean little when you can see what I am talking about, here is but a small sample of ISIS's recent weapons and ammunition haul; (Here a short video of the arms depot)