Monday, March 28, 2016

Egypt and Hamas hash out an agreement

(Cairo) It seems that a couple of years of hardball by the current Egyptian government sick to death of the murderous nature of the rulers of Gaza has led to Hamas agreeing to curb its terrorist activities against Egypt in return for a number of concessions these are:

Hamas pledges not to interfere in Egyptian affairs, and will supervise and control borders fighting all extremists in Gaza and stopping them from infiltrating Egypt through the Sinai Peninsula.
Hamas will save no effort in stopping arms trafficking through Sinai and will see through it that no organization links to the Muslim Brotherhood exist.
In return Egypt will:
Open the Rafah Border Crossing.
Release the four Al-Qassam Brigades, EQB members –who had disappeared in Sinai last year.
Commercial trade will resume through Rafah. However, Egypt refused to open Rafah without Palestinian official authorities monitoring the border crossing.
Hamas also asked that the media campaigns against the organization cease.
 A media campaign directed at the Egyptian public in which Hamas states how highly it values Egypt and the role it plays is anticipated. Hamas will portray its commitment on not interfering in Egyptian affairs and making sure that Gaza does not turn into a centre for conducting operations against Egypt.