Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How leftwing ideology has taken root within the British educational system.

(London) This past week, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) held their annual AGM and as per usual they promoted their Marxist way of educating the nations future as the way forward. So just what did the ethical latte drinking crowd push for this year:

1) Get rid of Red ink whilst marking. 
Apparently according to the keep the red flag flying crowd, marking pupils work in red ink is.."confrontational" and "threatening". Instead they have voted for pastel colours which are easier on the child.

2) Get rid of the anti-extremism strategy
Apparently teachers have taken offence to the anti-extremist strategy designed to have teachers report on vulnerable children been groomed by religious bigots. Yup according to the NUT, it stifles debate

3) Get rid of fundamental British values” lessons
It seems that the teaching of the UK’s democracy, law and traditions under Government guidelines will only make children believe other cultures are inferior according to the teachers union. Yes teachers are concerned that British values classes as encouraging cultural supremacy will make children “feel guilty about being British” and could “radicalise” children.

4) Get rid of Ofstead inspections as it stresses teaches
In the Uk, all schools are inspected in which to see if they are fit for purpose. But apparently teachers want rid of these snap inspections as it causes them more work and even stresses them out.

5) Get out of Europe as it is stopping people without the right passports from entering the UK.

Hard-left teachers want Britain to leave the European Union because it does not let in enough migrants and is not socialist enough.Radical factions of the National Union of Teachers said the EU was guilty of ‘murderous racism’ by refusing entry to ‘brothers and sisters from the rest of the world’.They said that refugees and migrants should be ‘welcome’ in Britain but the outer border imposed by Europe denied access to those without the ‘right passports’.

I've left out, how the NUT (Yes that really is their acronym)  have voted to go against improving the education of British children, how they have voted to strike and how they promote anti-Semitism kind of explains why they gave the Pro Islamic terrorist leader of the Labour party a standing ovation.