Monday, November 2, 2015

Jordanian sheikh sparks massive controversy by saying Muslims shouldn't kill Jews

(WJD) In what appears to be a highly controversial point in the Arab world, a prominent Jordanian sheikh has declared that it is against Islamic law to murder Jews.

According to the Jerusalem Post, a new online video shows Sheikh Ali Halabi, who is a member of the ultra-conservative Salafi sect, telling a questioner that Muslims can only kill Jews in battle.

"If you trust and he trusts you, then it is forbidden to betray him," said the sheikh. "And therefore you are forbidden to murder him."

The sheikh even went so far as to say that Israeli soldiers cannot be randomly targeted. "Does a soldier holding a weapon in the street kill every Muslim he sees?" he asked rhetorically.
I don't live in Palestine, but that is what the brothers there tell us. That he who does not attack Jews is not attacked in return. ... This is the reality. Because if they would kill everyone they met, nobody would remain and the Palestinians would continue to escape to other countries in the world.
There has been a massive backlash in response to Halabi's rather obvious points. The reason is clear: If the sheikh is right, then the recent spate of Palestinian terrorism would be religiously illegitimate.